anam cara by Dan Jacoby


 anam cara


Dan Jacoby 

twelve ladies in gowns

walk past a sacred grove

a dove for each of them

swoops above their heads

past the tree of life

within the circle of time

leaves like lace

dance from the hands of the green man

under an ever changing moon

eyes but no face watch

spinning wheel of mists

anan cara, soul friends

ancient circle of seven

like scholarly cats

watch all from under

bluebells and fox gloves

till all are safely home



Dan Jacoby was born in Chicago in 1947. He has published poetry in Indiana Voice Journal, Haunted Waters Press, Deep South Magazine, Lines and Stars, Red Booth Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Steel Toe Review, and Red Fez. He has work soon to be published in Canary, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, The Vehicle, Clockwise Cat, Belle Reve Review, and Psychokinetic. He is a member of the American Academy of Poets.