Community Post: What Does Your Family Eat on Thanksgiving?


cranberryAs I was writing a way long winded essay on eating certain foods on Thanksgiving, I stopped and wondered Am I the only one, or does everyone have “weird” Thanksgiving foods?

For instance, in my family, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without arroz con gandules. Sometimes pasteles, too. And if my grandma is there, tostones. And for dessert, a cannoli cake. I mean, sure, we have a turkey and a ham and mashed potatoes and stuffing and all of those traditional things, but it wouldn’t feel the same without the Puerto Rican food.

For my family, Thanksgiving is, intrinsically, about being thankful for our heritage and our history. We stay up all night eating and playing dominos, because, if I haven’t made it very clear by now, we’re Latinos. We celebrate being a family, we celebrate our family, through food.

So what does your family eat on Thanksgiving? Are you strict traditionalists? Do you have vegetarian options? Do you skip the meal all together and order take out? Do you have a bunch of food that’s important to your heritage? Does everyone have cranberry sauce from a can that you leave in can shape (my family has a very special, ornate dish that we just drop a can shaped mass of cranberry flavored gel on)?

Let us know down in the comments.