Announcing the TV issue!

Love it. Hate it. Can’t decide about it. Like it or not, TV exists.

Once a little box with a couple of knobs on the side and a handful of channels, TV has now evolved to include cable or satellite wiring and more channels than you can shake a stick at. On top of that, we have streaming now, allowing fans of all ages to watch their show when they decide and as often as they decide.

This month Chicago Literati wants to talk TV. We want to discuss your favorite shows, the changing landscape of television programming, the art of the miniseries and the schadenfreude of reality TV. Why do some people love watching Seinfeld but hate watching Friends? What does your love of Twin Peaks translate to when your TV is off? What episode of Dr. Who or The X-Files terrified you for life?

From January 5th, 2015 until February 5th, 2015, we want you to send us your best art, essays, fiction and photography depicting your love and fascination with TV.

Please send us one submission this cycle. Essays and fiction must not exceed 2,000 words.

We’re not accepting poetry at this time.


Blue TV