Staff Picks: Elena Colás talks Bob’s Burgers, Kettle Korn and The West Wing

Through out the TV issue, different staff members will share their thoughts on their favorite TV shows. Today our new contributing writer Elena Colás shares her thoughts on TV. 

Chris-Noth-ChairbackYour Favorite TV Comedy

Your Favorite Forensic Series
Law & Order (Chris Noth era)

Your Favorite Dramatic Series

The West Wing

Your Favorite TV Couple to “Ship” 
I don’t know what ship means, but Bob & Linda Belcher are my fave tv couple right now

The TV Episode that Scarred You For Life
Anything from Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure
Live Free or Die. It is the worst/best.

Your Favorite Snack to Munch While Watching TV kettlecorn
Kettle Korn!

Your Favorite TV Miniseries

Your Favorite Episode of ALL TIME EVER
“Two Cathedrals” The West Wing

Your Favorite Supporting Character in a Series
Donna Moss, The West Wing

The TV Character You Love to Hate
Marnie, Girls

The TV Character You Can’t Stand
Ramona Singer, RHONY (why am I even watching this?!)

Your TV Crush
Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Home Improvement

Your Favorite TV Theme Song
The songs on Bob’s Burgers!