Staff Picks: Lisa Mrock talks Community, ER and One Tree Hill

Through out our TV issue, different staff members will open up about their favorite series, snacks and guilty pleasures. Today staff writer Lisa Mrock talks Community, One Tree Hill and ER.

community4Your Favorite TV Comedy:


Your Favorite Forensic Series:

I’m tossing in a throwback and saying, CSI: Miami.

Your Favorite Late Night Soap:

One Tree Hill

I need to clarify that this show was a masterpiece of terrible. The more ridiculous it got, the more I had to watch. I remember days of sitting on my bed doing Honors Pre-Calc homework while watching this travesty. The season premiere of season four had a fake pregnancy, a car crash, a near fatal drowning, and one character calling another character a “bitch,” and this was all in the first ten minutes.

Your Favorite Dramatic Series:

Let me tell you about ER. This show defined what became known as the medical drama. I can say with complete honesty that I watched every single season of this show faithfully from its beginning when I was a toddler, a time when I watched whatever my parents watched on TV, to my junior year of high school. I grew up crushing on Dr. Carter, cried when Dr. Greene’s brain tumor returned, sympathized with Corday, and learned from Dr. Romano what it meant to “love-hate.” It’s also one of the only shows I’ve seen where the very last episode was executed perfectly. How there weren’t a million nostalgia articles about this show last year, which marked the 20th anniversary of the show’s premiere, is a mystery to me.

Your Favorite TV Couple to “Ship�:

Kate Roberts and Stefano DiMera on Days of Our Lives. Yes, I watch a daytime soap opera and, yes, I watch it with my mother.

The TV Episode that Scarred You For Life:

There are two episodes from The X-Files that stand out. I don’t know their titles, but I’ve named them, “The Inbreeding One,” and, “The One With the Poop Monster.” They make sense if you watch them.fluke-man

Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure:

I have no guilt about anything I watch, but One Tree Hill comes close.

Your Favorite Snack to Munch While Watching TV:

Whatever is nearest, usually some kind of potato chip or cashew.

Your Favorite TV Miniseries:

Stephen King’s It

Your Favorite Episode of ALL TIME EVER:

Any paintball episode from Community.

Your Favorite Supporting Character in a Series:

Stefon – SNL

The TV Character You Love to Hate:

Jamm from Parks and Recreation.

The TV Character You Can’t Stand:

Marnie — Girls

Your TV Crush:

Bellamy — The 100

Your Favorite TV Theme Song : 

“Hey Sandy” by Polaris (The Adventures of Pete and Pete)