Staff Picks: Abby Sheaffer rants against Agent Doggett, ships Mulder and Scully for the TV issue


Through out the TV issue we’ll be featuring different staff writers talking about their favorite shows. Today our editor-in-chief, Abby Sheaffer, opens up about Broad City, The X-Files and Dawson’s Creek.

Your Favorite TV Comedy 

 Broad City. I’ve never laughed so much in my life.

 Your Favorite Forensic Series 

 The X-Files

 Your Favorite Late Night Soap 

 Dawson’s Creek

Your Favorite Dramatic Series

 Twin Peaks

 Your Favorite TV Couple to “Ship”

Mulder and Scully forever! Pacey and Joey are close second.

 The TV Episode that Scarred You For Life

 “Beyond Life and Death” from Twin Peaks and “Orison” from The X-Files. I consider Donnie Pfaster to be the most terrifying X-Files villain ever.

 Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure 

 I like to watch Lifetime movies with my dog and mock them. It’s a great stress reliever.

 Your Favorite Snack to Munch While Watching TV


 Your Favorite TV Miniseries 

 Mildred Pierce starring Kate Winslet, directed by Todd Haynes.

 Your Favorite Episode of ALL TIME EVER 

 A tie between “Post-Modern Prometheus” from The X-Files and “Stolen Kisses” from Dawson’s Creek.

 Your Favorite Supporting Character in a Series

 Donna Meagle or Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec.

 The TV Character You Love to Hate

 CGB Spender, “Cancer Man” from The X-Files.

 The TV Character You Can’t Stand

 Agent Doggett from The X-Files. HE IS THE WORST!

 Your TV Crush 

Pacey Witter forever!

 Your Favorite TV Theme Song

The theme from The X-Files. It’s very soothing to me.