Reading Series You Should Know: Do Not Submit

Do Not Submit Do Not Submit

Founded by Scott Whitehair and Shannon Cason back in 2012, Do Not Submit is the reading series for the nascent storyteller, the live lit novice. The premise of the show is simple: pick a neighborhood (Do Not Submit has shows in eleven Chicago neighborhoods and counting), sign-up at the beginning of the show, and when your name is called, tell your story. How did Cason and Whitehair come up with the premise? Said Whitehair in our interview this past April:

“We recognized that standup comedians had dozens of places to hone their craft, take risks, and welcome newcomers to the fold. We wanted at least one of these for the storytelling world.”

Do Not Submit went on hiatus following Cason’s move to Detroit, but the series proved fallow; at the beginning of 2015, Whitehair announced the imminent return of Do Not Submit, and the reading series came back bigger and better than ever.

The series has an ambitious calendar of shows in almost every neighborhood of Chicago. For instance, tonight at 6:30pm is Do Not Submit: Lincoln Park at CityGrounds Coffee House, and tomorrow night at 7:30pm is Do Not Submit: Uptown at the Uptown Underground. The series is unique in that it never rests, realizing all too well the ambition and passion of the storytellers who frequent the show. Best of all? The series is free!

Do Not Submit is definitely a reading series you should know!


Do Not Submit: Lincoln Park
6:30pm at CityGrounds Coffee Bar
(507 West Dickens Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614) 

Do Not Submit: Uptown
7:30pm at Uptown Underground
(4707 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60640)