Announcing The Movie Issue!

Ines Vuckovic (c) 2016

From February 5th until March 1st we’re reading submissions for our second annual movie issue! This special issue will feature three unique covers by our resident illustrator, Ines Vuckovic, that will be available for purchase on our Søciety6 store!

We’re seeking exemplary essays that entertain a vast and rich dialogue about Hollywood and cinema today, as well as personal essays about what films you hold dear or hate with a burning passion.

As for fiction, we’re seeking fantastical send-ups that riff on the industry and are genre-bending (think Mulholland Drive and Hail, Caesar!). Bonus points if you set your story in classic Hollywood (think 1920-1972).

Remember: all submissions must be approximately 2,000 words, proofread, and MLA formatted. Please include a brief, third-person bio.