A Letter From Our Founder

Ines Vuckovic (c) 2016 Ines Vuckovic (c) 2016

In autumn 2012 I saw the need for something in the Chicago literary community that didn’t exist yet; I watched with pride and awe as so many curators, writers, and fans flocked to the unique reading series that kept popping up nightly in the city.

With gusto, I pitched to several different publications my idea for the Reading Series Review, but I never got any bites. Undeterred, I worked from the ground up, and in November I bought the domain name chicagoliterati.com.

I was moved by the immediate support I received from readers like you. Over the next four years I worked tirelessly to create a safe environment for novice and veteran authors, for bookworms and bibliophiles, and most importantly–for the reading series that bravely put on their shows each night in this fantastic city.

In September 2015, after an arduous process, Chicago Literati became incorporated and received nonprofit status by the IRS; after much deliberating over a budget, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided that the goal for our first ever fundraiser is a modest $300.

Your tax deductible donation will help us pay website and employee expenses, help furnish some costs of our imprint (Chicago Literati Books), and help us create live-lit workshops for at-risk youths in the city whose programs have been slashed by the city and state budget.

Just follow the link to our Indiegogo Generosity campaign page to help us on our journey.

Thank you for making Chicago Literati what it is today, may this just be the beginning of a fantastic journey.

Abigail Sheaffer
Chicago Literati, Inc.