That Gum You Like Is Coming Back in Style! Submit to our Special Series Dedicated to Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Fan Wiki (c) 2017

“It is happening again.”
–The Giant, Twin Peaks 

It’s time to return to a place both wonderful and strange. With the arrival of Twin Peaks: The Return over at Showtime this summer, we’re starting a special, ongoing series dedicated to David Lynch’s subversive television masterpiece.

UPDATE (07/6/17):

What we’re looking for:

Art (Fan Art, Photographs)
Fan Fiction
Memories + Anecdotes

Essays and fan fiction should be a minimum of 300 words, and soft maximum of 2,000 words.
Memories + Anecdotes should be between 200-300 words (hard limit).
Art should be sent in either GIF, PNG, or JPEG high resolution file (if possible).

Any questions should be emailed to our Gmail account (chicagoliterati).

Happy submitting!