Trivia, Liquor & Literature: RUI This Wednesday


What are you doing this Wednesday? Watching reruns of “Lost”, again? Really? Come on, I know how much you love an ice, cold beer and literature. Last month you were filling your friend’s ear with your seemingly infinite knowledge of James Joyce trivia. You might feel like there’s not a place for you to get drunk and spout off your affinity for Joyce Carol Oates, but I’ve got news for you pal: there is.

Allow me to introduce you to “RUI: Reading Under the Influence”. “RUI” was started by some of Chicago’s finest writers, including Julia Borcherts (co-founder of “The Chicago Way”) and “Experiments in Manhood” columnist, Rob Duffer. It was originally started as a fundraiser for another reading series, but the concept of it was too irresistible to do just once. Let me bring you to speed: trivia has been sweeping the taverns for the past five years, and “RUI” capitalizes on that popularity with a fresh, new twist. What “RUI” does is innovative in the fact that it blends a reading series with trivia night.

How it goes down:

There’s usually a roster of “RUI” regulars (regular readers) and special guests. These perfomers write an original piece of short fiction pertaining to the theme of that particular installment (past themes include sex, banned books and suicidal authors) in addition to the performer’s own short fiction, the performer must quote a passage from a famous author but not reveal who said it. Before the performer reads their work and quotes the passage, they must take a shot.

After the performer concludes their act, the chaos ensues. Trivia questions are asked to the audience, including the figuring out of which work was the famous passage, who is the famous author of said passage, what novel or short story anthology is the passage from, and perhaps even who sank the Lusitania? (I kid you not!)

Here’s where the getting gets good:

The person who answers the most questions correctly wins PRIZES! You don’t get that when you sit at home and watch, “Lost”, do ya? I thought so. To make things even better than that, (I know I’m blowing your mind right now) this week’s installment of “RUI” will include the launch of Curbside Splendor Publishing’s new anthology, The Way We Sleep. Have you ever been to a book release party? You’re in for a treat! Besides the obvious fact that they’re awesome, this installment of “RUI” will feature readings from two stars of “2nd Story” company: Megan Stielstra and Jeff Oaks, “RUI”’s own, Rob Duffer and Chicago writer, Simon Smith. The theme for this installment is “In Bed” and you could win a FREE copy of The Way We Sleep (among other prizes)!

So what are you waiting for? Why sit at home watching reruns when you can head on over to Sheffield’s, drink some Blue Moon and hear some awesome performances? I mean, seriously. Bonus points? It’s only a $3 cover.

Get there at 7pm, the magic starts at 7:30pm!

Sheffield’s, 3258 N. Sheffield Ave.

“RUI” are the cool kids on the way back patio at Sheffield’s, you always wanted to be a cool kid, now’s your chance.

One thought on “Trivia, Liquor & Literature: RUI This Wednesday

  1. Thanks for sharing, Abby! And congrats on the new site. Jessa and I won’t be able to make it up, but everyone else will be doing a fine job of representing The Way We Sleep for us (everyone will be reading from their piece in the book and then reading from another contributor for their second reading). Should be a very fun night!

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