Nocturnal Admissions: Casey Bye Talks About His New Anthology, “The Way We Sleep”

Jesse Reklaw

Neuroscientists have claimed that the brain is more active at night, especially for night owls and those who work the graveyard shift. Still, for those who are at home after a long day’s work, sleep is just as hard to come by and is best sought in bed, talking with a lover. Such was the way that Casey Bye and Jessa Marsh conceived their short story anthology, The Way We Sleep. Casey Bye explains the process below:

“My soon-to-be fiancé, Jessa Marsh, and I were playing that game of being on the verge of sleep and slowly drifting in and out of conversations. For us this usually meant stories we’d forgotten to share about how we’d spent the preceding day (“I saw a full bearded woman at the market!” “Oh, I heard the guy downstairs got evicted because he believed the FBI were bugging him and he dug a bunch of holes in the walls and floor!”). Instead, that night we came up with a book, one that would be an anthology of prose, comics, and interviews all connected by the theme of beds and sleep. It’s grown a lot from there.” 

The idea was enough to fascinate the editors over at local publishing mecca, Curbside Splendor, who often go out on a limb to publish the often strange but always beautiful prose of our day. The Way We Sleep features unique, dreamlike short stories, poses honest questions and intermingles them with stunning humor and poignancy (and it’s on sale for 1/2 price now! Marked down from $20.00 to $10.00). On the publishing of the anthology, Curbside Splendor’s managing editor, Lauryn Allison Lewis had this to say:

Casey Bye and Jessa Marsh really deserve huge HUGE kudos for all of the time and energy they put into editing The Way We Sleep. The book has turned out so beautifully, and their love for the project really shines through on every page. I feel honored to have been part of the team to publish it, and it’s also really neato that one of my stories was accepted into the anthology before I ever began working for Curbside Splendor Publishing. So, to me personally, this project was somewhat all-encompassing; I was able to sit on both sides of the publication table, and I was able to work professionally with two very dear evil geniuses…er…I mean, friends. We’re really excited for the blog tour, and for people to discover how awesome the anthology is.” 

The blog tour is being greeted with much fanfare as the future Mr. and Mrs. Bye prepare for the second event at Sheffield’s in Lakeview this Wednesday. The blog tour will also coincide with an “RUI” event (see Sunday’s article). The event starts at 7:30pm in the way back patio of the famous beer garden and will feature trivia, performances and a fountain of booze–and it’s only a $3 cover! However if you can’t make it to the event tonight below are the blog tour dates:

12/4 A Softer World

12/5 This Blog Will Change Your Life

*Plus The Way We Sleep will be represented in physical form by Rob Duffer, Simon A. Smith, Megan Stielstra, and J. Adams Oaks at Reading Under the Influence at Sheffields this night

12/6 The Collagist

12/7 Monkeybicycle

12/10 Lit Pub

12/11 New City

12/12 The Nervous Breakdown

12/13 Knee-Jerk

12/14 The Good Men Project

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