Who Run The World? Girls.


Now that we can all sigh a breath of relief that Lord Mittens wasn’t elected president, how about we all get cracking and write to some awesome feminist zines about it? At The ‘F’ Word, Cassie Sheets wants you to do just that–and you know– taking Cassie’s advice is always a good idea.

The ‘F’ Word zine was started by Cassie Sheets as supplementary reading to her flourishing feminist forum of the same name. It’s a place where women and men can go to discuss feminism in depth and why the hell women are still being paid only $.75 to a man’s $1.00. Anyhow, the zine is really awesome and they accept a smattering of different work. You’re an artist? Submit them a sketch. You’re a poet? Submit them your poem on Isis. You’re a writer? Submit your awesome short story or essay– you get the idea– they publish anything so long as it’s not misogynistic.

Want more info? 

We will accept everything! (Well, not quite everything… see below.)

Last year our theme was “Redefining Feminism” which is pretty vague. This year’s theme is…. NO THEME. Because I cannot think of a good one. Our spring conference will be about “bridging the gap” so take that as you will. But for the zine itself, you decide what to send and I’ll figure out a theme (maybe) later.

Visual Art (make sure it looks good in black & white)
photography, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, collages, or “talking back” to sexist, racist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, or generally crappy advertising or media through visual forms.

Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction
Up to 2,000 words. Shorter pieces are encouraged (and frankly have a better chance of being printed) since printing is expensive.

No more than 3 pages, double spaced. We’re always looking for more poetry, so please send it our way!!

Book Reviews
Found a super cool book you think we should all read? Maybe it’s a not so great book no one should waste their time reading. Send us your reviews. 50 word max.

Query if you have an interview you think we might like.

Surprise us!
If we can scan it and photocopy it, it has a chance of getting into the zine!

What Won’t Get In
MRA rants. And other generally clueless stuff.

Previously published work is fine. Just let us know where it was published so we can let readers know where else to find you.

Send all submissions to [email protected] with the header: Zine Submission (Type of Art). Include your name as you wish it to appear in the zine and if you wish to be contacted by phone, your phone number (if not, your e-mail works). Work should be attached. PDF, JPEG, DOC, DOCX (is there a difference between those last two?) or any other file type people generally already have on their computers.

One thought on “Who Run The World? Girls.

  1. Thank you for writing about our zine. I just want to add that The F Word is a CCC student org and collective, and that ALL genders, all people are welcome to come and discuss anything from the wage gap and how it affects women of different ethnicity, races, and sexual orientations differently, to preventing sexual violence on campus, to gender identity and expression, to positive changes in the media, etc. (All great topics for zine submissions!)

    Everyone in the Chicago area should come to our events, especially our annual spring conference on “bridging the gap” between college student organizations and the larger Chicago community through working with not-for-profit organizations and high schools. We aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

    Again, thank you for getting the word out there.

    F Word board member

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