Celiac-Sprue: A Plea

Celiac Disease is real and it doesn’t have to suck.

As a person who just happens to be afflicted with an autoimmune disease genetically inherited by my ancestors with dire repercussions (e.g., intestinal cancer, diabetes, etc.), it really sucks when restaurants and chefs look down on my very real and very terrifying disease.

Celiac-Sprue disease affects over 1 in 133 people according to the University of Chicago, but that doesn’t make us sufferers stringent or boring.

As a gluten-intolerant person, I crave burgers on a regular basis, be it on on a gluten-free bun or a lettuce wrap. I am not vegan, I am not a bitch because I need to strategically and at all costs avoid a troublesome molecule that sets off a deadly and infinitely harmful (never healing) repercussion in my body.

I love burgers and fries and am thrilled anytime I find a place that is dedicated to, or fulfills the promise of, a completely gluten-free environment.

This isn’t a “hip” trend for me. This is a necessary lifestyle choice, that, due to my body’s inability to digest a certain molecule, needs to be respected.

I only ask local chefs and restaurateurs respect my very real and very terrifying disease, without pretension.

Stop dismissing things you don’t know about just because you don’t know about it, and raise awareness for Celiac-Sprue disease, a very real and incredibly harmful autoimmune disorder.