Staff Picks: Annabel García Torres gushes about Game of Thrones, Bob’s Burgers and Downton Abbey

Through out our TV issue, different staff members will open up about their favorite TV series. Today, Annabel García Torres gushes about Downton AbbeyBob’s Burgers and Game of Thrones

Your Favorite TV Comedy 

Bob’s Burgers. Although, I don’t feel like it’s a comedy for Bob Belcher, the dad in the show. It’s more like a sad, sad joke played by someone. I love the fact that the kids are just so mischievous and have no regard for the fact that they’re breaking their dad’s soul. And Linda, the mom loves to think that singing ANYTHING will help any situation. Bob's_Burgers_promo


Your Favorite Dramatic Series

Downton Abbey! I love it. It’s so dry and different from American shows. I love anything that has to do with other time periods so I just love the different relationships and societal roles.


Your Favorite TV Couple to “Ship”

Adam and Hannah from Girls, although they’re not really together anymore. I love the way Adam really just commits in the last season, well at the beginning, it made me feel like there was hope for neurotic slightly selfish ladies like myself.


The TV Episode that Scarred You For Life

American Horror Story, the Coven season. And specifically any time Kathy Bates is torturing someone. I can’t stand to watch gory stuff like that.

Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I’m officially uncool. But I have two sisters and honestly all the fighting makes me feel like I have someone to commiserate with. Even if they can’t see me or be on my side during annoying sisterly battles.


Your Favorite Episode of ALL TIME EVER 

It would be from Summer Heights High and the episode that Ja’mie King calls her mom to yell at her. It’s a comedy by Chris Lilley and totally worth watching.


Your Favorite Supporting Character in a Series

Tyrion Lannister! All day! He is the only character I literally pray to the gods of old and new that he NEVER dies!


The TV Character You Love to Hate

Cersei Lannister because she is a bitch and I love it.

 The TV Character You Can’t Stand

The actress who plays Belle on Once Upon a Time. The actual character of Belle is fine but the actual actress makes me cringe, terrible actress! But if I had to choose actual character it would be Joffrey Baratheon, thank goodness he is dead.

 Your TV Crush 

Flashback Friday, not really, but Even Stevens Shia Labeouf. But like now, with that Sia video BOD and BEARD! Gimmie.

Your Favorite TV Theme Song

GAME OF THRONES! It’s just epic so who can compete.