Reading Series You Should Know: The Marrow


Although I hesitate to try and categorize the wide spectrum of live-lit in Chicago, the focus at The Marrow seemed to be more on the writing than the performance aspect, which was a great new experience for me personally.

Elena Colas reviews The Marrow for Chicago Literati 

Curbside Splendor’s new reading series, The Marrow, has a show this Sunday at The Whistler (2421 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647) in Logan Square at 6pm. Featured readers include Chris Bower, Claire Zulkey, Lisa White and Rebecca Vipond Brink.

The nonfiction storytelling series, which is hosted by Leah Pickett and Naomi Huffman, originally premiered last summer and is a Chicago Literati favorite. See why we give this series five stars this Sunday, you won’t regret it.

Read our interview with co-host Leah Pickett…