WBEZ’s PleasureTown announces month-long Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the second season of the popular radio series

The creators behind PleasureTown, WBEZ’s much celebrated dramatic radio series, kicked off a month-long crowd-funding campaign yesterday on Kickstarter. Producers Keith Ecker and Erin Kahoa saw their series surpass over 200,000 downloads following the conclusion of season one. With their newly initiated Kickstarter campaign, Ecker and Kahoa are looking to make the second season even more successful than their inaugural season.

For those unfamiliar with the series, PleasureTown is, “a story-based podcast told in serial form that details the history of a little-known, failed Oklahoma utopian society.” The feeling of the series is very similar to David Knauf’s 2003 HBO series, Carnivàle and Bob Dylan’s Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Read our interview with the creators, here.

What makes PleasureTown different than most radio programs is the very active interaction the producers have with their fan base. Season one saw fans submitting artwork and scripts to the series, as well as giving surnames to the founders of the fictional city at the core of the series.

To donate to the PleasureTown fundraiser, click here

Abby Sheaffer