Announcing The Revolution Issue

It’s too difficult to turn a blind eye to a broken and corrupt system. The Humor & Satire Issue has been cancelled so The Revolution Issue can take place.

Essayists, Poets, Fiction Writers, Artists: we call on you to help spread the word and make change happen. Art is powerful, more powerful than all the ugly, evil things that exist.

This is our issue. This is our dedication to Trayvon, Michael, Mya, Freddie and every bright flame that was burned out due to prejudie.

This is an issue for the whistleblowers, for the ones that look to seek out and snuff out injustice. This is for the mother who works a sixteen hour shift just to feed her children. This is an issue calling out all the corporate fat cats, the one percent, that refuse to see the world for as it is.

This is for Malala. This is for the Palestinian woman who is raped, whose home is razed, whose government refuses to help her.

This is us saying NO MORE.

This is The Revolution Issue.