Drive by Leland Seese

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The Great Beloved Poet entertains himself
with images of last night’s open mic,
his fans now back at work
at coffee stands and bookstore tills,
still not quite fully apprehending what it means
to be among the first to hear
words their grandchildren will read
in school, and turns of phrase ensured
to make their way into the everyday
once he finds a publisher.


The Great Beloved Poet, eyes burning with fatigue
and hangover, watches a construction crane
a block away as it lifts a bus-sized rectangle
of steel beams, and ponders, Even poet-prophets
of as-yet unnamed schools who drive world history
must sometimes sit and wait at curbs for dawdlers
such as over-cautious editors or, in this case,
younger brothers forever running late.


The Great Beloved Poet sits behind the wheel
of his Tercel outside the tiresome apartment,
overheated. So he cuts the engine
as an act of solidarity with fellow citizens,
such as these cyclists, and with the future
he is helping usher in when our planet’s atmosphere is clean.


One day, this moment will appear
in the biography of the Great Beloved Poet,
this sitting vigil at the death of a disturbing,
tepid winter, barren of a single flake of snow,
as a carpetbagger spring brings bedside cheer
in the yellow of the crocus and forsythia.

Leland Seese lives in Seattle with his wife, Lisa Konick, and five of their six foster/adopted, bio children. His poems have appeared in The East Bay Review, Pyrokinection, The Christian Century, and other journals.