Growth Through Adversity: Angie McMahon’s New One-Woman Show is an Ambitious Triumph

Under The Gun Theater

The Day Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Nearly Killed Me is a one-woman show starring Angie McMahon directed by Kevin Reome. With candor, wit and intimacy, McMahon recounts the tale of how, at six-months pregnant, she created the Rally To Restore Sanity: Chicago and ended up biting off more than she could chew.

In the lively opening sequence (complete with money and blaring music), McMahon tells with gusto how she created the event on Facebook and watched as it went viral. Incorporating a wide range of vocal impersonations and sardonic humor, McMahon’s acting runs the gamut: college hipsters, frazzled interns, and moody security guards are all deliciously and perfectly parodied by McMahon through out the show.

The Day Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Nearly Killed Me is a fascinating show, one about how quickly things can go to hell if you don’t have a plan, but it’s also a moving story of growth through trial and error. Let it be known that Angie McMahon is a brilliant storyteller who knows how to hook an audience.

4/4 Stars

–Michael Pementel 

*This review has been amended to reflect Kevin Reome was the director of the show.