Announcing the Cryptozoology Issue!


“Psychologists often speak of the denial of an unthinkable evil or a misplacement of shared fears. Anxieties taking the form of a hideous monster for whom the most horrific human attributes can be ascribed. What we can’t possibly imagine ourselves capable of we can blame on the ogre, on the hunchback, on the lowly half-breed.” —The X-Files, “Post-Modern Prometheus”

From March 2nd until March 24th we’re seeking submissions dealing with Cryptozoology! Tell us your thoughts or spin us your tales about Yetis, Jackalopes, the Loch Nes monster, and more!

Essays and fiction must be proofread prior to submissions and clock in at approximately 2,000 words; Times New Roman, 12 point font is required.

Have fun writing!

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