Nighttime by the Tennis Courts by Jane Hertenstein

Ines Vuckovic (c) 2016

Nighttime By the Tennis Courts

Like zombies, at dusk the raccoons climb out of the boulders by the lake and lurk around the tennis courts. Perched atop the roof of the field house, they watch the players in the dark with their neon eyes. Later, the coons will eat buns out of the garbage cans.


His deadbeat dad finally came home, in a box, where he kept him on the top shelf in the linen closet. Until one day he hastily reached for a towel. Now the grains of his father’s ashes reside in the cracks of the wooden floor, sticking to his bare feet.

Jane Hertenstein is the author of numerous short stories and flash. Her work has been included in Hunger Mountain, Word Riot, Flashquake, and Rosebud as well as earning an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train. Her literary interests are eclectic, evident in the titles she has published: Beyond Paradise (YA), Orphan Girl (non-fiction), Home Is Where We Live (children’s picture book), and a recent ebook 365 Affirmations for the Writer and Freeze Frame: How to Write Flash Memoir. Jane lives in Chicago where she blogs at Memoirous.