News: The Theme of our Next Issue, Fundraiser Update

This weekend on Twitter we held a poll to decide the theme of our next issue. We gave voters the chance to decide between the theme of “Strange Times” or “Taboo”. The results are in and “Taboo” won by a landslide!

Due to low funding and the need to pay our illustrator, however, the submissions cycle won’t open until August 22nd.

Meanwhile, our online fundraiser is 70% of the way there due to two major donations. In case you missed it, we’re trying to raise $800 to help create after-school literacy and creative writing programs for at-risk youths in Chicago. With more than 50 Chicago Public Schools being shut down and more on the way, we’re hoping to help kids find a creative outlet.

However, we can’t do it without your help. Your $10 or $20 tax deductible donation could help pay for a notebook and some pens for a kid in need. Writers, is there anything more valuable than a much-loved and treasured notebook and a favorite pen? Wouldn’t you like to give this gift to a young, aspiring author?

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to us today