A Place for Everyone

Ines Vuckovic (c) 2016


I founded Chicago Literati in 2012 with one simple mission:

To exalt the burgeoning writer. Everyone, everywhere has a unique story to tell. I believe reading these stories enriches us. With every short story and essay I read, my faith in humanity is restored, and I am filled with joy.

Chicago Literati will continue to promote love and diversity, even in these trying times. Our mission as a publication is to shed a light on the stories that you want to tell, the stories that you must tell. I firmly believe that sharing these stories, no matter your race, sex, gender, or creed, is vital to humanity.

This magazine will always be a safe space, a space of tolerance and love. I suppose we’ll gain some enemies by announcing ourselves this way, but I’d rather have love and a few loyal readers than hate and viral fame.

So come to me with your stories, I realize the bravery it takes to even write them and submit them for publication at all, but by doing so, you’ll enrich our world. Everyone has a story to tell.