What $15 Can Do

What can $15 do?

$15 can help us pay for costly expenses such as our Submittable account. It costs us $379 yearly to pay for our professional plan. Our professional plan means we can continue to receive multiple submissions from brilliant writers without having to charge a reading fee.

Isn’t the founder of Chicago Literati rich? 

No. The founder of Chicago Literati (Abby Sheaffer) balances multiple freelance writing gigs and is a fiscally struggling millennial like so many of her generation. Abby pays for all of Chicago Literati’s costs (web domain and hosting, Duotrope subscription, and two Submittable accounts, not to mention advertising) all out pocket.

How much does it cost annually? 

$557.00. For this fundraiser we’re only asking for $500, leaving behind the $57 difference.

Your tax-deductible donation will ensure that we can continue to receive and read multiple submissions annually. By giving just $15, you can help us discover some of the most brilliant authors of our time. Just think: we could publish the next Toni Morrison or Michael Chabon.

How do I donate? 

We’re holding an online fundraiser right now on Generosity.com to raise $500. Donors who match us at certain levels can choose a free product from our Søciety6 store bearing our mascot, Winnie, as lovingly designed by our illustrator, the talented Miss Ines Vuckovic. Products available include mugs, clocks, and stylish iPhone cases.

Your generosity will not go unrecognized, we are who we are today because of your loyal readership.

Thank you, literati.