A Thought by Craig Jonathan Reekie

To think that everything in existence first began as a thought, a spark of imagination and everything’s sprouted from there. It’s quite depressing to think that while I hold this Pepsi Max can that every part of its being evolved from someone’s thought.

The inventor who designed the shape of the can, the 330ml limit, the choice of material, the font and logo designs, the ring-pull, the boardroom meeting that once took place to decide the colours and so on. All, like me, like you, like money, like aeroplanes; at one point were nothing but asingle thought. It all feels contaminated.

Less sugar is needed in Pepsi to sell more units. That was the thought that lead to Diet Pepsi and subsequently Pepsi Max. Oh, what a revolting liquid. I feel funny sitting here thinking all of this while Trevor is giving his annual presentation on the health and safety regulations. Damn him and the rules, I’ll get RSI if I want.

I place my grip around the can and squeeze as tightly as I’m able. The aluminium crunches inward and screams its own sound of terror. Trevor pauses his presentation and looks at me. He steps across so the projector light shines over his body and he sparkles like a hologram from the past.

“No food or drink in workplace at all, computer or not.” Trevor says.

I don’t get angry because just like this can, what he said began as a thought,. Everything evolves from a thought.

I spot a tiny bird whizz by the window, it’s then I remember the glorious moon, hovering wingless up in the mute sky, and then the beaches and then the ocean, the ice and bushfires. I feel relieved that they’re thoughtless. O nature, my creator and saviour. I got it all wrong; some things just happen.

I throw the Pepsi Max can at Trevor. It hits him on the back and deflects into the bin. What a shot. I’m soon sacked. I walk to my car with a box of possessions. I stop to watch as a piece of bird poo splats and slides down my windscreen. Yes, that’s it. Some things just happen.

Craig Jonathan Reekie is from Fife in Scotland. He is partial sighted and prone to boarding planes to escape the rain. He is typically haunting libraries during evenings and can usually be found in restaurants awkwardly trying to get the bill for hours after lunch.