How You Can Help Us: A Fundraising Update

Why should I make a tax-deductible donation? 

Your tax-deductible donation can help us continue to serve the cultural landscape of Chicago and also publish the brilliant authors of our time.

By raising $500, we’ll be able to pay for annual expenses such as our Submittable subscription. Our annual Submittable subscription costs $374, web domain and hosting costs $99 annually. Our Duotrope subscription costs $50 monthly.

Why do these subscriptions matter? 

By having a professional Submittable subscription we’re able to read over 300 submissions monthly for free. If we stepped down and started using the free subscription plan we’d only be able to read 5 free submissions, and charge a reading fee for the rest.

Why not just read them through Gmail?

We receive over 200 press releases from indie and major publishing houses, local theater companies, and–the backbone of what we do–reading series. As you can imagine, our Gmail account is teeming with activity, if we were to revert to reading submissions from that account, everything–including brilliant submissions–would be lost in the shuffle. Our professional Submittable subscription allows us to prioritize the extraordinary submissions that come our way, without charging a reading fee.

Best of all, select donors who match us at certain fundraising markers can choose their free gift of either stationery cards, coffee mugs, iPhone cases, and a wall clock. One very special donor who matches us at the $25 mark will receive a $25 gift certificate to Women & Children First Bookstore in Andersonville.

How close are you to your goal?

Our fundraiser just started on December 19th, so we’re only 19% of the way to our goal. We need your help.

Will you help us support the brilliant cultural landscape of Chicago and the extraordinary writers of our time?