We Want to Serve the Live-Lit Community Better

We’re going to be honest with you and tell you we feel like we’ve been slipping in our coverage of the live-lit scene.

That’s not okay with us.

Yes, we are a nonprofit literary journal, but at our roots we’re still a blog dedicated to giving you the best and most thorough coverage of Chicago’s live-lit scene.

Chicago is home to one of the most robust and extraordinary live-lit scenes in the city; it thrives in the pocket of every neighborhood. At any given moment, in a book store, on a stage, or–like our friends at Absinthe & Zygote–it could even take place at a gallery or in a planetarium.

Curators and producers: in order for us to continue covering your reading series, we need you to send us your press releases. Please send us your press releases, or even just a blurb with a “heads up” reminder, at the beginning of every month.

Remember: we’re your biggest fan.

Our roots are in helping you get ahead. Our roots are in letting you know we see you, we want the best for you. We want people to know about what you do.

It’s not a question of us, it’s a question of how can we bring more awareness to the reading series you’ve created. Let us know when your reading series is and we can dispatch one of our field reporters to cover it and interview your producers.

Please email us your press releases, we can be reached at: chicagoliterati(at)gmail.com.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, curators.