The Dipping Bread by AM Roselli

It happens at the Fondue Palace. Near the cheese fountain. Two lovers twirling their long forks suggestively. He’s been ignoring his inner voice all evening. “Something is very wrong with your date, John.” The very same voice that only hours before implored him to escape out the back door.

Suri’s sultry eyes are vacant things. John can’t gaze into those shining black planets. He turns away from the closeness of her smooth face. She giggles and flicks her tongue into John’s ear. He laughs nervously. A curious warm spot on his cheek.

Crimson droplets on the dipping bread.

His hand touches his face and traces the warmth to his neck. A wetness tints his fingertips crimson. He’s unable to wrestle out the weak cry now pinned at his gum-line. Other unwitting customers continue gleefully stabbing bread cubes. Drowning baked dough in cheese.

No words leave John’s chained voice. Suri’s fondue fork finds her date’s palm. She guides the two-pronged metal, like a serpent’s fangs, along the meat of John’s hand then sweetly plunges it into his skin. She guides his limp fist up to her wine-colored mouth. Her satin skin smells like ancient ice. A burning sensation shoots from John’s brain to his groin. An explosion unlike any erotica he’s ever experienced.

Suri’s slim, powerful hand slides beneath John’s shirt. His sweating back is buckling. She holds him up with an index finger. John clenches his jaw. His uninjured hand reaches around his date’s cool neck. Forceful and swift–he pulls her face to his. He kisses this “woman” in a manner unfamiliar to his own lips. Their mouths–uncontrolled siphons. Lightning between his legs, shockwaves ripple inside his thigh muscles. Metallic saliva flows back and forth between their twisting tongues. Cold bliss blankets John’s dying instincts.

It’s blood, John.

It’s blood.

AM Roselli is a writer and artist living in Hudson Valley, New York. Her collection of illustrated poetry, Love of the Monster, was published in 2016. She maintains a writing and art site, Her work has appeared in Red Fez, Panoplyzine, The Paragon Journal, Firefly, Free Lit, The Avocet, and Into the Void Magazine.